Crypto Iprovement Fund (CIF)

We have recently expanded our service offering to include a startup launchpad and consultancy branch which can now be found on our website at.

Our Blockchain.Launchpad will combine the industry knowledge and experience of our blockchain developers and community experts with the business growth, strategy and marketing experience of several individuals and advisors aligned with the CIF project. With the combination of these two specialties, traditionally offered as stand-alone services鈥娾斺妛e will be able to offer end to end business & blockchain consultation, strategy and software development to both start-up organizations as well as established entities who are attempting to understand & adopt blockchain and cryptocurreny technologies for a variety of applications.

In terms of product and service delivery, the Blockchain.Launchpad team can produce a variety of blockchain based solutions which range from private blockchains to smart contracts and decentralized applications. Although many of these products have been popularized by the ICO and cryptocurrency scene, the products and services we can deliver can accomplish a variety of tasks which include decentralized corporate governance, gamification, eCommerce or supply chain management solutions.

Accompanying the software development, the team behind Blockchain.Launchpad has experience in marketing, business strategy, startup planning, take-to-market strategy, graphics design, business plan writing and website creation. We can join early stage technology startups or existing companies who are looking for insight and guidance in this constantly changing space, providing end-to-end solutions for companies of any size, purpose or project stage.

Blockchain.Launchpad helps realize the core purpose and values of the Crypto Improvement Fund. Acting as a development & growth platform for businesses that want to become engaged and involved in the cryptocurrency space a trusted, reliable firm is required now, more than ever, in order to elevate the standards and content of this growing community.


About the author

Hi there, my name is Zalman Weinberg. I'm enthusiast with over 7 years of experience in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Professional Trader providing Blockchain solutions to Startups and Enterprises. Expert in all cryptocurrency exchange APIs (BitMEX, Bittrex, Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken, Poloniex, Gdax etc.). I have also worked with multiple Forex broker APIs.